A card-driven MOBA-inspired miniatures game.
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In Skytear, you control a team of legendary heroes fighting on a flying arena to win the favor of their gods. The same gods, in the meantime, are having fun watching the show and betting on the winner.

2 or 4
45 min.
3 min.
#pre-assembled miniatures #hand-management #card-drafting #variable-goals #grid-movement #moba-inspired #rock-paper-scissor #no-dice!

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  • Choose your four heroes
  • Build your deck (optional)
  • Watch out for the minions
  • Three-lanes arena
  • Variable goals

An original universe

The Heroes

Discover the 24 unique heroes with their rich background, together with the four unique factions they fight for.

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The Print & Play

The draft of the rules together with the printable version of Skytear.

The Prototype

We are making 200 high-quality prototypes of Skytear. You will get notified when they are ready.