A card-driven MOBA-inspired miniatures game.
Coming to Kickstarter on February 1st, 2019

Draft a team of legendary heroes from four asymmetric factions and fight with your minions to achieve one out of three randomly picked win conditions. Play your cards wisely, and may the power of Skytear be with you!

2 or 4
45 min.
30 seconds
#hand-management #variable-player-powers #card-drafting #variable-goals #grid-movement #area-control #no-dice!

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MOBA Gameplay

  • Choose your four heroes
  • Build your deck (optional)
  • Watch out for the minions
  • Three-lanes arena
  • Variable goals

Original Universe

Discover the 24 unique heroes with their rich background, together with the four unique factions they fight for.

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Video rules

After watching 1 turn played, with the help of the cheat sheet, you will be able to get started playing.

The Print & Play

The printable version of Skytear, with all the 24 heroes from 4 factions.

The Digital Prototype

We created a free digital prototype that you can play with us or your friends, anytime, anywhere.