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The company behind Skytear


We are a bunch of long-time players of cards and miniatures games from Modena, Italy. You can reach us at [email protected]

Now let's get into the deep stuff...

Our mission is to create the best competitive tabletop experience.
We just love the atmosphere that comes from a bunch of people in the same room competing head-to-head around the same game... with a good mix of stories, strategy, and luck.

We will not fail for lack of care

As players, we have seen it way too many times: a great game with a great community, killed by the publisher lack of care or short-term thinking.

This is not going to happen to us because from day one we designed the company to avoid this pitfall.

Skytear is our own exclusive intellectual property. Sure, it's not as strong as Star Wars or others, but no one is going to pull it away from us. After all, we will never forget what happened Netrunner.

On top of this, we are not going to split our focus on multiple game lines. So we're not going to start the release-hype-kill train that we've seen too many times.

All-in on just one game

With thousands of games released each year, we believe our right answer is to just make one. That's because we believe a good game can last easily 20 or more years.

And most importantly, it's not just about the game, but especially about the community of players and tools built around it.

So we went 100% all-in with Skytear, and we'll do all we can to make it succeed (or we'll fail spectacularly in trying :)

And spoiler alert: so far it's going quite well!

Past and future milestones

These are the milestones reached (and planned) so far:

The podcast TabletopTalk interviewed one of us (Giacomo). You can listen at the episode here to hear some stories behind Skytear.

Riccardo Neri


I'm behind the game design and manufacturing

Giacomo Neri


I'm on the marketing and business kind of stuff

Riccardo Parmeggiani


I'm 100% focussed on the lore and art direction.

Thomas Foster


I develop the game's lore together with Parme.

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