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The players behind Skytear

We are PvP Geeks

We are a bunch of long-time players of cards and miniatures games from Modena, Italy. You can reach us at

Our goal is to expand the Skytear universe for many years to come, without losing our focus on developing other games.

Why we're doing this

We started this company to scratch our own itch, when we realized no one was going to create the game of our dreams: a fast-paced and highly competitive card and miniatures game.

These are the milestones we reached so far:

Riccardo Neri


I'm running the company and doing whatever is needed.

Giacomo Neri


I complement Riugy and help him run the company.

Andrea Barbari


I take care of the community and the game development.

Riccardo Parmeggiani


I'm 100% focussed on the lore and art direction.

Thomas Foster


I develop the game's lore together with Parme. — © 2019 PvP Geeks Srl, Via Cesare Costa, 19 41123 Modena MO — VAT IT03802310361
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