About Us

We're PvP Geeks... the folks behind Skytear

We are a tiny but ambitious miniatures game design studio from Modena, Italy.

At the beginning of 2017, we set out to create the definitive competitive miniatures game.
At the time, we even wrote a wishlist of things we were and were NOT looking for in a game... if you are curious, you can check it out here.

If you need to talk to us, send us an email to skytear@pvpgeeks.com

Riccardo 'Riugy' Neri

Originally I thought I could just focus on designing the rules... but shortly after starting this crazy adventure, I realized I need to do a bit of everything in order to make Skytear real.

Giacomo 'James' Neri

I'm the one spreading the word about Skytear, starting with this website and all the way to game conventions, online advertising... and so on.

Andrea 'Andre' Barbari

I'm the guy coordinating the local playtesting groups, and doing the big-picture game design together with Riugy.

Riccardo 'Parme' Parmeggiani

I'm the guy imagining and writing out the Skytear universe. Including its heroes, of course!

Francesco 'Gibbo' Gioacchini

I'm the one balancing the game and making sure it's fun to play competitively. It's a tough job but it's coming along well.

Fabio 'Foggy' D'Astolfo

I'm the Discord and Online-game man! Always there to play with you and answer your questions!

Skytear collaborators

Without them, we would be completely lost!

Kim Van Deun

Heroes concept illustrations.
See his portfolio.

Jack Kaiser

Cards illustration

See his portfolio.

Bogdan Antoci

See his portfolio.

Rafael Dioli

Miniatures sculpting.
See his portfolio.

Francesco Orrù

Miniatures sculpting.
See his portfolio.

Anca Albu

Graphic design.

See her portfolio.

Emily Blain

See her website.

Leonhard Henkes

German translations.

Bryan and Paulina Gerding

Polish translations.
See their website.