Become a Skytear ambassador

We are looking for the first 250 ambassadors that will help us bring Skytear to the next level. Are you one of them?

What this program is about...

Skytear is nothing without a community of fans. We believe having a core group of "ambassadors" that we know by name and face, is a great step toward growing a healthy and positive community people want to be part of!

If you enter the program, you will get an ambassadors' update on the 15th of the month with:

  • Decisions we are struggling with... and requests for your input on gameplay and rules
  • Cards and texts to be proofread in your language, if you'd like to and can
  • Our plans to share the word about Skytear and space for feedback and ideas about them
  • Some behind-the-scenes stories we would never share with the main newsletter

... what it takes to join

It's NOT an exclusive group, really, there are two must-have prerequisites:

If that's you, then the only commitment is one (or more) of these things:

  • Playtest the game a few times over the next months and submit the feedback form to help us improve gameplay or rules.
  • Help us spread the word, for instance by sharing Skytear on your Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr (is that even a thing now?)
  • Demo Skytear to your friends, friendly local game store, or local convention.
  • Help us proofread the translations of the rulebook and cards in your language (starting from English).

Sounds like fun?


Then click here to sign-up!