Become a Skytear ambassador

We are looking for the first 250 ambassadors that will help us bring Skytear to the next level.

Get an high-quality prototype...


  • 10 standees for most of the heroes from the factions of Kurumo and Liothan
  • 100 cards, 10 per hero. This will give you room to experiment with some deck-building (only if you like)
  • About 50 cardboard tokens for minions, special conditions like blind, stun etc.
  • 10 cardboard hero pads
  • The game board

We are manufacturing this through The Game Crafter and the first 100 copies will be ready for shipping by early October with some final and some placeholder artwork.

... exclusive ambassadors-only contents...

To start, we will design an exclusive promo card just for ambassadors.
We will decide the artwork together in the next months. It’s going to be cool though :)

Plus, you will get access to the private Skytear Facebook group

  • Influence the development and help us call the shots
  • Share your feedback from playtest sessions

If you do not use Facebook you can still apply; this participation is totally optional.

... what it takes to join

  • A payment of 5€ or $5. This is to cover just a fraction of the expenses we incur for shipping and creating the prototype.
  • That you playtest the game a few times over the next few months. If you just want to play it once, the print & play is the best way to go.
  • That you help us spread the word, for instance by sharing Skytear on your social networks. Or by demoing it to your FLGS or to a local convention.
  • Totally optional: you help us translate and proofread the rulebook and cards in your language.

Sounds like fun to you?

Then click here to sign up.