Do you like competitive challenges?

Skytear is for you. We would not call ourselves PvP Geeks otherwise...

No dice, thank you

You might like to know that dice are officially banned from Skytear :)

We baked just enough randomness in the gameplay to give you the feeling that:

  • Something can go unexpectedly wrong.
  • You can't predict everything (it's not chess).
  • If you feel lucky, you can take some rewarding gambles.

Balanced monthly

We are designing it so that we can balance the meta-game on a monthly basis to keep it varied and fresh.

After hearing community feedback and looking at the tournaments' results, we will:

  • Tweak the cost in points of heroes and powers in the online deck builder.
  • Develop some black/white lists (if really needed).

Organized play from Day 0

Our company, PvP Geeks, is going to support and develop the organized play scene of Skytear.

We are planning these three key activities:

  • Centralised calendar for events.
  • Players map and directory with ranked ladder.
  • Official tournament circuit with special $ prizes.

Promo cards and miniatures

We will actively support your friendly local game store by sharing tournament kits with exclusive contents.

Inspired by the MOBA's scene, we will create a set of alternate skins (artwork) for the heroes that will make you stand out.

Our dream is to make the definitive competitive tabletop miniature game that casual players can also enjoy.

We know it's a very ambitious quest, but we like challenges!

Try Skytear Now

Let's level it up together :)

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  • VIDEO RULES. After watching 1 turn played, with the help of the cheat sheet, you will be able to get started playing.
  • PRINT & PLAY. The printable version of Skytear, with all the 24 heroes from 4 factions.
  • ONLINE PROTOTYPE. We created a free digital prototype that you can play with us or your friends, anytime, anywhere.