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The game of our dreams

This is the wishlist we started with when we we created Skytear...

  • We want a game that takes years to master and that is constantly renewed. Where we can challenge our skills every week with nearby tournaments. A game with a strong, healthy and vibrant community (wooooh, okay, we’ll slow down now)
  • We want significant deck-building choices when preparing for the game… so that we can play between games! A game where we can draw many cards, put them together in new combos, and be somehow proud of our creativity.
  • We do NOT want to be forced into buying “mandatory” expansions or upgrade kits. Or have to consult FAQs from multiple sources in order to know how to actually play it.
  • We do NOT want a game with a broken meta-game, where for years you see always the same few options and combinations…
  • We do NOT want luck to play a BIG role in it. It’s nice to have some randomness but it shouldn’t determine the outcome… too much.
  • We would like to see beautiful art and miniatures coming alive into an original world full of backstories and depth.
  • We want it super fast to setup and teardown without “book keeping” or other tedious activities to do just to keep the “game moving”
  • And finally… we want a game that makes us forget to look at our phones and that is fun every single minute we are playing (okay.. or almost every single minute)

What do you think?

Do you want a game like this as well?

Our goal is to check all those marks with Skytear :)

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