Crafter of War

Devotees to Kurumo, Crafter of War, are known for the valor and courage they demonstrate in battle. They dwell on the Kingdom of Kaeno, the Eternal Flame. The Kingdom is a landscape of ash and basalt rock, surrounded by lava rivers and active volcanoes. Its inhabitants have learned to live in harmony with such a hostile environment, exploiting its resources and building a proud, honor-based, martial society.

Ruled for thousands of years by a wise and powerful Shogun, the Kaeno fractured into several small rival cities on his death, each city the keeper of sacred relics pervaded by magic essence.

In times of war, however, these divisions are put aside, and the subjects of what was once the Kingdom of Kaeno join their forces to dominate the battlefields under one single banner, as it was in the glorious past.


Everking Blade

A warrior of noble origins, he is the owner of the katana wielded by the Venerable Shogun in times of war, imbued with the Shogun’s divine magic power. Once unsheathed, the power of the God takes possession of Akimo’s body, turning him into a semi-divine creature with an unrivaled destructive power.


Mourning soul

Spirit of the girl once loved by Akimo, who died in an attempt to help him control his powers. She remains bound to the plane of the living by virtue of her ability to help Akimo channel and control the divine power that flows into the sacred sword.


Lava Tamer

A thief, hunter of hidden and forgotten treasures. During one of his latest raids, he came, almost by chance, into possession of an enchanted pouch that allows him to create magical bullets of fire and lava. But everything comes with a price, and the "legitimate owner" of the artifact claims him as a tribute into its own ranks.


Inner Guardian

Sacred armor worn by the Venerable Shogun in times of war and kept as a relic in the Palace of the Law. Still imbued with magical energies, in case of necessity it comes alive and marches towards the battlefield to defend its realms.


Light Waker

Born as a fox, she was the favorite pet of the Venerable Shogun. She watched over Kurumo’s grave and because of her devotion, the Shogun gave Miyuki a human body and nominated her to be the guardian of the souls of her companions.


Heritage Gatherer

A hermit of hundreds of years, he escapes death thanks to the link with the magic that Kurumo has given him. Fed upon the magical energies that the sage casts within it, the stick that accompanies him radiates an aura of perpetual life.

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