Lord of Silence

Surrounded by a silent snow-covered land, Liothan’s followers flourish in this inhospitable territory because of their affinity with nature and its changing forces.

Hybridized with animals or empowered by magic energies, they are steady and resolute in their search of the Skytear, the only source which can bring the lost splendour and vitality back to the Realm of Grialth, the Silent Life.

Their creator and patron Liothan follows this noble research step by step, certain about its worshippers potential and indestructible force of will.


Grey Watch

Once ambassador of Nupten, God of the Mind, he decided to convert to Liothan, bringing his magic mastery and world knowledge to the Silence faction. Whether this choice was made as a real and honest conversion or a masterful act of trickery to allow him to spy for the Air God it is not known yet.


Deep Gazer

Her affinity with the water depths allowed her to extensively explore the dark seas under the Realm of Grialth, discovering unknown treasures and forbidden knowledge. The contemplation of these arcane sources and her capacity to use them brought her to be the direct apprentice of Freyhel after a series of astonishing power games. Astryda is a master of seduction and control; by exploiting her dark powers she can reach into and dominate the most inner spaces of the soul, reducing her most dreadful enemies to simple puppets.



Once a valiant tribal chief, after a painful family loss, he disowned Liothan beckoning as the only responsible of his doomed destiny. He pays the dreadful consequences of such a reckless gesture as a king without a crown, moved away from his people and condemned to wander alone among the wild lands of Grialth. He is now gripped by a feral nature he cannot control. Serving Liothan with his Skytear conquest seems the only way to put an end to his curse and move him close to the most benevolent essence of the God once again.


Enduring Queen

Liothan's favourite creation, she acts as the god's herald and mediator among the Realm of Grialth - smoothing conflicts over, rewarding devotees, and punishing traitors. Her gift of creating life or making it wither guarantees her an absolute control over other living creatures, and puts her constantly in the center of her Lord’s sight.


Stance Defender

A resolute and devoted warrior, he swore eternal loyalty to Freyhel after she saved him from certain death under the endless snows of the Realm. The combination of his natural armor and Skytear magic powers created an almost impenetrable defence he learned to exploit to better to protect himself and his companions. His absolute devotion to the cause of her Mistress and, consequently of Liothan, makes him a precious resource to rely on.


Lightning Fang

Bred from a savage beast’s pack, she left her human nature to embrace the wild and live among the forests of Grialth, becoming a proper member of the group. Only a few heroes can claim a superior knowledge of territory and the same savagery in battle. Furthermore, her inner talent of channeling Skytear energies to improve her fighting skills make her a strong and fearsome foe.

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