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Keeper of the Underworld

Olan-Taa. A world of myriad islands, beautiful and silent. Beneath the islands, however, a maze of twisting tunnels holds the realm of Xotlan. The Skytear energy coursing through these tunnels overcomes the normal rules of both light and gravity, filling the tunnels with bizarre shadows and floating vegetation.

The people of Xotlan worship Taulot, Keeper of the Underworld, who rewards their worship with swirling tattoos imbued with Skytear energies.

Once these tattoos have been carved onto the supplicant’s body, their veins retain the magical essence even beyond death. Through bloody rituals, magic sources can be renewed, allowing the realm of Xoltan to sustain the high amounts of Skytear energy needed to maintain life inside the deep galleries.


Hand of Taulot

Ruler of the Realm of Xotlan, Cotlic divulges and enforces Taulot’s will through strict and merciless leadership. His choice to centralize all political, administrative, and military power on himself, without being surrounded by advisors or officers, increases his authority and valor even further. These duties often take him away from the Temple of Carchlan where he dwells and brings him directly into the core of the most important and delicate operations. The mere presence of the Hand of Taulot - as he is known among the living beings of Olan-Taa - is enough to instil courage and respect his subjects, fostering a loyalty seen rarely in other Realms.


First Omen

Achla is the guardian who watches the portals binding the surface to the tunnels of Xotlan. His forces oversee all access, preventing all outsiders from entering the sacred domain without his permission. Achla's expert knowledge of traps, ambush, and subterfuge ensures that only rarely do outsiders slip through Xotlan portals unnoticed, and never do they make it out to tell the tale.


High Scarifier

Tlakali is the High Priestess of the Carver caste, keepers of the ritual practice of Scarification. Relying on mixing sacred blood with Skytear energies to make tattoos, this rite is so painful and difficult to execute that it is prohibited to the people outside the caste, yet Tlakali's aptitude for the process allows her to amplify the strength of warriors of Taulot. Often she follows these now-infused heroes into battle, giving them power and harvesting the infused blood spilt during the conflict.


Fallen Son

Zacoal was born into the monarchy. Following his father's death, he was forced into undertaking a painful sacrificial ritual that would have made him the new ruler. During this, he failed to channel his ancestors' energy absorption, leaving him cursed and condemned to exile, suffering his people's disdain. The blessed blood he was anointed with during the ceremony did not dissipate, but remained inside his body, deforming it and giving him supernatural powers. Cotlic, the only one in the Realm who was not scared of nor scorned Zacoal’s doomed nature, secretly takes care of him. Understanding Zacoal’s potential, Cotlic calls on him in time of war to conquer the Skytear.


Absence Messenger

Ixatosk is a Skytear construct, created by ancient rulers of Xotlan and forced into serving as the herald of the King. Its main role is bringing messages and keeping communications open among the thousand islands of the Realm, because its ability to revert to pure energy lets it move at unthinkable speeds. As soon as the Skytear war began, Cotlic took Ixatosk to the front lines, intending to repurpose it into a deadly weapon of war.


Faceless Whisperer

Nelaclen is the oldest Sentient being in Olan-Taa - he witnessed the archaic ages that came before the Four Realms were formed, and rumors hold that he contemplated the gods’ faces and their master plans directly. Isolated in a hermitage, far from other life forms, he spent millennia dedicated to the contemplation of the universe, and has learned to tame all aspects of Skytear magic. He is able to manipulate the energy in its purest form, adept in enchanting, transmutation, telepathy, and illusion.

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