Discover the Gameplay of Skytear | Skytear

Discover the Gameplay of Skytear

Choose your map, and get ready to play in less than 2 minutes.

2-Lanes Map

Best for ultra-competitive matches.

Designed for tournaments, this battleground has 3 randomly drawn victory conditions added on top of the default one of destroying the enemy Nexus.

  • PLAYERS: 2 to 4
  • HEROES: 4 vs 4
  • MINUTES: 30-60

3-Lanes Map

Best for epic and memorable battles.

Inspired by the classic MOBA battlefield, this arena features the three lanes separated by two Domes (that work like jungles).

Up to 8 players can form 2 teams and battle for the only victory condition of a MOBA: tear down the enemy Nexus.

  • PLAYERS: 2 to 8
  • HEROES: 6 vs 6
  • MINUTES: 60-120

Download the Rulebook...

...or Watch the Gameplay Videos below!

Video Playlist #1

The Basics

Watch four videos to see what makes Skytear unique!

video #1

The Big Picture

Get a quick overview of our card-driven miniatures game, direct from the mouth of me, a developer!

[0:25] The 2-Lanes Battlefield
How to Win (and Lose!)
Drafting Heroes and Deck-building
[2:02] How cards replace dice
Taming the Outsider

video #2

Heroes Actions & Skills

See what the heroes' actions do, and learn about the asymmetric faction-specific worship mechanic.

[0:32] Move & Attack Actions
Lead Action
Skirmish Action
Taulot Worship Action: PILLARS
Nupten Worship: ILLUSIONS
Liothan Worship: SHAPESHIFTERS
Kurumo Worship: MARKS

video #3

Power Cards

Power cards are THE central part of the gameplay, making for unpredictable matches, each different from the last!

[0:35] Playing Power Cards
Reaction Power Cards
The Stack
Cover Hexes (Bushes) and fizzling
[2:30] Important balance considerations
[3:10] Some more Power Cards

video #4

Minions Phase

Minions, minions everywhere! Learn how they add depth to Skytear in ways unlike any other skirmish game.

[0:26] Example of a Control Challenge
Spawning New Minions
Pushing a Lane
Taming the Outsiders

Video Playlist #2

Deep Dives

Learn more about two key aspects of gameplay.

video #1

The Stack

We fully embraced the system of The Stack (that we kindly borrowed from Magic: the Gathering).

It allows us to make simple but deep gameplay, recalling real-time interactions. See how it works in practice.

video #2

Drafting & Deckbuilding

Choose 7 cards per hero, and your deck will form as you draft your heroes. This means dynamic deckbuilding is inherent in Skytear, even without changing your prepared cards!

In this video I demonstrate how it works and the options it gives for customizing heroes to your playstyle.

Video Playlist #3

Full Playthroughs

Once you know the basics, you can follow these actual matches.

video #1

1vs1 Match (digital)

The two Neri brothers, co-designers of Skytear, face each other.

video #2

1vs1 Match (prototype)

This game is with an actual prototype and might be more interesting to watch than the digital :)

video #3

1vs1 Beginner Match

Another 1vs1 match, with more explanation that makes it longer.

video #4

3-Lanes Battlefield (digital)

3 Players Game on the Three-Lanes Battlefield
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