Get Ready for the Battle!

Every match will be unique, starting from the setup.

Pick the three Objectives

3 cards, shared between you and your opponent, will be the objectives for the match. Victory is immediate as soon as a player reach an objective. So get ready for:

  • Constant tension
  • NOT just a tedious brawl
  • Big comebacks

Choose your 4 Heroes

Now that you know your goals, pick the right four heroes from your faction of choice.

  • 24 completely different heroes
  • 4 asymmetric (but balanced!) factions
  • Original and rich fantasy universe

Prepare your powers

Each hero brings ten power cards that you will use during the game. This means:

  • Always new combo and tactics
  • Drafting and deckbuilding...
  • ... or pre-made balanced decks

Create the Flying Arena

Set the stage by joining two different maps depending on the two factions that are going to fight.

  • 10 possible combinations will force you to improvise different strategies
  • Leverage the scenario elements to your advantage
  • Asymmetric maps with faction-specific features

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It's time to play

The fight will be so intense that you won't have a chance to look at your phone

Move well

How will you split the four heroes on the three lanes of the arena? Be careful about:

  • Ambushes from your opponent.
  • Explosive spells with "area of effect".
  • Instant reactions played right after your actions.

Play your cards

Use your heroes’ powers to make a difference in the fight only when the time is right.

  • Heroes generate Skytear; spend it to use powers.
  • Spells and powers will get stronger over the match.
  • Leverage the unique powers of your heroes.

Oh... the minions...

It's not just a 4v4. There are also minions who fight for and against you.

  • Ignore them at your peril.
  • Fight them to draw new powers.
  • Move them to destroy the enemy base.

And if you feel brave enough...

...the most dangerous minion is in the center: it is the Outsider. It grew from the Skytear energy released after the impact of the two islands.

  • Try to tame it so that he will join your forces...
  • But at the same time, keep an eye on your opponent!

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Video rules

After watching 1 turn played, with the help of the cheat sheet, you will be able to get started playing.

The Print & Play

The printable version of Skytear, with all the 24 heroes from 4 factions.

The Digital Prototype

We created a free digital prototype that you can play with us or your friends, anytime, anywhere.