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Play Skytear Horde

Read the rulebook and try it on Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator or with Print and Play

Rulebook and Print&Play

Here you can download the latest rulebook release, still subject to changes, which is useful to learn and try the game.

You can also get the Print and Play version of the game if you prefer that over the Tabletopia an Tabletop Simulator versions.

Download PDF

FREE on Tabletopia

The full Skytear horde experience is available completely for FREE on Tabletopia. You can try the SOLO mode of the game fighting as the Liothan Alliance against the Kaeno horde, a huge swarm of undeads!

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Tabletop Simulator

You can find the identical challenge on TTS (Tabletop Simulator) as well, if you are more comfortable with it! The Skytear Horde MOD is still FREE, you just need to purchase Tabletop Simulator first. Good luck!

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Check out the Kickstarter

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