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10 maggio 2019

Here is the Kickstarter draft...

The Kickstarter reboot of Skytear on May 21st is confirmed, and the draft page is now ready for your feedback...

See the Kickstarter draft here

What do you think of it?

Simply email me at or fill the form at the top of the Kickstarter page to let us know.
We need both your positive and negative feedback to improve. I will be happy to reply to each one of your observations and points.

Thanks for following us so far!

P.S. In the KS page, you can also see for the first time the new 3-lanes battleground that allows you to play with up to 16 heroes and 8 players ❤️

Giacomo "James" Neri

21 marzo 2019

Monthly update for March... we have a reboot date!

We are happy to share with you the target date for the Kickstarter reboot: May 21st.

For the true fans of Skytear, you can already set your alarm clock for the right time; 1 PM San Francisco time, 8PM London Time.

If you’d like to hear this month news from me in person, here’s the video. Otherwise, you can just keep reading...

Since last time we written a month ago, we have been working closely with our manufacturer PandaGM (hi Kathrin!!) to lower production costs and therefore the price point for you.

With the next newsletter in about 4 weeks we will share with you the Kickstarter draft with all the details of the new pledge levels, so that we can hear your feedback with plenty of time in advance (get ready for some nice surprises like a 3-lanes map for up to 8 players and 16 heroes :)

Another important news of this month is that…

We started pre-production! (WTF?!)

If you don’t have a clue about what pre-production means it’s not your fault, neither we did before starting this crazy adventure into board game manufacturing.

Pre-production is the 2-3 months period that precedes mass-production where we verify all the little tiny details to ensure a flawless manufacturing process. For instance, we are going to prototype ALL miniatures once more to triple check the details and print all cards and tokens.

So why is this a big deal worth sharing with you?
Because it means we will be able to start mass-production shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends (unlike the average Kickstarter project that takes many months to get to that point).
Even though it’s a huge financial risk for our company, we are basically following the plan as if the Kickstarter was not canceled.

TinnyF has joined the PvP Geeks team

Thomas “TinnyF” Foster (you can see his avatar above) joined the PvP Geeks ranks last month, after having helped us as an ambassador for a few solid months.

As the only native English speaker on the team, he has been invaluable in helping “Parme” refine the lore of Skytear, and helping with the clarity of the rulebook. Speaking of rulebook, a 80% rewritten version is coming later this month together with the revamped graphic design for all game components. Rules-wise nothing has changed really, we are simply improving the clarity and completeness of it by a whole lot :) ).

Skytear Saturday… Play with the designers

Would you like to try Skytear for free online with us or other fellow players around the globe? You can join us on our Discord server here and ask for a 30-minutes intro game:

On March 30 and April 13 at 4PM CET (11AM EST) we are also organizing two events to play together with both new and experienced players. If you want to reserve your spot simply reply to this email to let me know and I’ll share some details.
No software is required, as we will load the game on as well, a 100% free platform (and no need to read the rules in advance, we will get you up to speed ourselves).

P.S. As you can see from the screenshots above, we added 3D miniatures and card artwork to Tabletop Simulator, woohoo!
For the people new to it, Tabletop Simulator is a 3rd party software that we use to play Skytear online on a daily basis with people all around the world. We created a free add-on that you can get from here:

For the Italians amongst you… see you at PLAY in Modena?

Last but not least, we are going to be present at the biggest Italian convention of tabletop games. For the Italians of you, see you on April 5,6 and 7 to play some good games with the prototype miniatures :)

Talking about conventions, here you can see some pictures from the NERD Show, another Italian convention we attended last month where we received GREAT feedback from the people who tried it.

That's all for this month!
Talk to you again in a few weeks... with some exciting updates :)
Giacomo "James" on behalf of the other PvP Geeks

Giacomo "James" Neri

21 febbraio 2019

We are rebooting the Kickstarter campaign

We decided to reboot our Kickstarter campaign later this year (we are thinking about late May).

It was a really difficult call to cancel it because the campaign had a great start, being funded in less than 24 hours.

Our vision is to create a wide and passionate community of players all around the world, but we had far too many fans hyped for the game telling us they could not afford to pledge.

In order to meet the expectations of the community, we will rethink the production costs of the game to have a lower price point.

There are things that we can tweak without impacting the quality, and that can drastically reduce the upfront investment:

  • Having one color (grey) for the miniatures rather than five different ones can save us a lot of money with the molds.
  • Having a graphic design with black texts rather than white ones is another saving that doesn’t really impact gameplay or overall quality, but can help us reboot with a lower price point for you.
  • Reducing the miniatures scale from 45mm down to 38mm

In these months, we will also keep working closely with the most actives of you to implement the suggestions we got during the (short!) Kickstarter campaign, and improve all aspects of Skytear.

As we have done for the last six months, we will send a monthly newsletter to keep you updated as we go.

Feel free to email me at with questions or comments!

Thanks for following us up to this point, we hope to play with you on Discord one of these days!
Giacomo, for all the PvP Geeks :)

Giacomo "James" Neri

1 febbraio 2019

We are LIVE on Kickstarter

I guess the title says it all! :)

This is the Kickstarter link:

Until the campaign is over, we will write all the updates inside Kickstarter and stop updating the news section of the website.

Giacomo "James" Neri

28 gennaio 2019

New Skytear teaser video

After two months of work, we finally have a proper teaser video for Skytear. Without further ado, here it is!


Giacomo "James" Neri

6 gennaio 2019

More MOBA-like gameplay and new watch-it-played videos

Every day, we playtest Skytear on Tabletop Simulator with players from all over the world (you can join us on Discord and Facebook).

Because of this daily playtesting, the game is improving and has changed a lot since the last time we wrote a month ago.

The first notable change is the introduction of the faction asymmetries:

  • Kurumo warriors mark enemy heroes to launch coordinated attacks
  • Liothan followers shapeshift into animal forms to gain new skills
  • Taulot heroes place totems and underground tunnels (think hive mind :)
  • And Nupten champions summon illusions of themselves

The second important update is the wave token. Long story short: with this simple addition pushing with your minions got more fun and rewarding (plus: you can gank like never before :).

Anyway, the changes since last month are too many to be listed here.
So we just recorded a quick gameplay video and updated the rulebook.

Check out the videos and rulebook here

Giacomo "James" Neri

1 gennaio 2019

Four new heroes revealed

The sixth hero of each faction had been kept hidden. Not anymore!
Please meet...

  • Kichie, a hermit of hundreds of years, escaping death (I love him.. he's so cute! ♥️)
  • Shyllavy, a lethal snow panther that will make you sweat
  • Nelaclen, the faceless whisperer that can play cards of all four colors
  • Shafathi, able to alter time and space… a really tricky business

Discover their backstories

Giacomo "James" Neri

24 dicembre 2018

The Outsider is sculpted: beware!

The miniature of the Skytear elemental, the Outsider, is finally amongst us.

We feel like we made the right compromise between portability and big-ness... as It occupies three hexagons and is 90 mm tall (about 3.6”).

Taming and directing this elemental towards your enemies can make the difference between winning and losing… so start getting acquainted with it!

Giacomo "James" Neri

17 dicembre 2018

Faction-specific minions and battlegrounds

Look! Now each faction has its own minion type and battleground.

Depending on which two factions are playing, a new map will be created, adding many interesting choices and replayability.

Gameplay-wise, minions are still equal across the factions… but sooner or later, they will become “asymmetric” as well. Just bear with us :)

Giacomo "James" Neri

3 dicembre 2018

A proper rulebook is here!

A proper rulebook is here!

Okay, to be frank, it's still far from complete... but we have to start from somewhere, right?

We will improve it on a weekly basis and make sure it shines by the time we hit Kickstarter this February.

Go to the playtest page to see the PDF of the rulebook and access the Print & Play, and digital prototype of Skytear.

Giacomo "James" Neri

26 novembre 2018

Three and a half new miniatures

This month we also finished sculpting all the miniatures for the Taulot faction, and started the first model for Nupten.

More importantly than this... work has started on the sculpt of the Outsider. It's still a work in progress but we could not resist sharing a blurred image of the draft... can you spot it?

You can also see a human next to him... to get an idea of the proportions :)

Giacomo "James" Neri

19 novembre 2018

Recruit your friends and get Akimo as a demigod for free

Our goal is to reach 10'000 subscribers by February 1st, the time when we launch the Kickstarter campaign.

In order to help us get there, we designed a "Recruit a friend" program.

If you like to help us get there... here's how it works:

  1. Once you register for the program you get a special unique link
  2. Whenever someone clicks it and sign up on our website, you get 1 point (and one notification email to confirm this)
  3. With each point, you get an extra entry in our giveaway (there's Gloomhaven, Blood Rage, and Skytear as the first and only prize. Winner is drawn on January 31st).
  4. With 5 points you get the miniature and pad of Akimo as a demigod added for free to your Kickstarter pledge for Skytear

If this program picks up, we will add more free rewards for the most actives of you (basically all the Kickstarter extras like custom sleeves, neoprene mats etc.)

You also have your online dashboard where you can see how you are doing so far.

To view it, simply go to the program page:

Then click on "Already signed-up? See your stats here" and input your email.

Then, you will see how many clicks and sign up came from your link.

Now, if you organize demo events at your store or association, this system with the unique link might be a bit cumbersome and awkward... we get it!

If that's the case, simply reply to this email and we can send you a paper form that you can print and use to collect feedback and emails of players who want to get the monthly newsletter.

Then, we will make sure these new emails will count as recruited friends for you.

Giacomo "James" Neri

12 novembre 2018

Nupten: Ruler of Knowledge

Last but not least... here you have the fourth faction of Skytear.

It is definitely the hardest faction to play with because they are all squishy mages without armor.

Well, except for the dancer, she's so fast at moving that it counts as having armor: she is actually the only tank of this faction.

Miniatures are coming later this month. For now, you can enjoy reading the background story of each one of them (including the sixth one hidden until the Kickstarter :)

Discover the heroes of Nupten

Giacomo "James" Neri

5 novembre 2018

100% new cards and heroes: more combos = more fun!

Since last time we wrote a month ago, we rewrote all cards and heroes' powers.
The driving factor behind the redesign? More combos and more deckbuilding options.

At the same time, we also released the remaining 2 factions: Taulot and Nupter. You can now play all of Skytear both online and through the print and play.

When you load the game on Tabletop Simulator you will have a chance to get started with the preset decks or do your own deckbuilding, if you are into that kind of things.

This gives us 3 full months to fine-tune all the cards and heroes before the Kickstarter starts. Hopefully, this will make Skytear one of the most balanced and fun competitive miniatures game out there (with your help :)

As usual, you can get started from the playtest page:

P.S. With the new cards we have also made the wording clearer and shorter. And on top of this, our graphic designer started working on a new hero and card frame with many usability improvements like the mana in the top left corner (we are listening to your suggestions!)

Giacomo "James" Neri

29 ottobre 2018

Look at our first 8 miniatures, live from Essen SPIEL

At Essen Spiel, for four days we played Skytear matches one after the other like there was no tomorrow.
We enjoyed it and more than 100 players enjoyed it too.

And since our manufacturer (Panda) was at the convention as well, it brought us the first 8 prototypes of the miniatures... we have already started painting them!

Giacomo "James" Neri

22 ottobre 2018

German, French and Spanish translations are online

We just translated all the website into 3 new languages. (Europe for the win :)
We have a little quest for the ones of you willing to proofread what we have so far.

Around the 15th of this month, we will send the first ambassadors' only email with more instructions about this quest and a few more things you can help us with.

If you want to get this email, you can join by filling the form on the ambassadors' page here.
(and thank you to the 100+ of you who already applied, we will get back to you soon!)

Giacomo "James" Neri

15 ottobre 2018

Rules tweaks and new gameplay videos

For those of you who played more than a month ago, there are some tweaks to the rules. The most notable are:

  • We added the SPAWN and LEADER conditions, both interacting with the dominion phase (super tactical)
  • We removed the channel action. The mana curve has been lowered and it isn’t really needed.
  • A boosted movement moves you 5 and not 6 anymore. It might seem like a little change but it’s huuuuge. Now switching lane is harder, it makes for more strategic games.

We also re-recorded 2 gameplay videos to get you started playing and teach you the basic rules.
You see those in the playtest page:

Speaking of playtesting, did you try Skytear already?
If you want to try it online on Tabletop Simulator with us, you will find us every evening on the Discord server and Facebook group.

Giacomo "James" Neri

8 ottobre 2018

Ci vediamo a Essen SPIEL 2018?

Saremo a Essen Spiel tra il 25 e 28 Ottobre 2018.

Se vieni anche tu, non dimenticarti di passare a giocare il demo di Skytear con noi.

Avremo anche una carta promo speciale per l'occasione.... con Akimo che va in giro per la fiera :)

Il nostro stand è il 6H111.
Se tutto va bene avremo in tempo anche i prototipo dele prime 10 miniature di Skytear...!

Giacomo "James" Neri

1 ottobre 2018

Sei nuove miniature scolpite

I nostri scultori stanno lavorando sodo per tradurre le illustrazioni in belle miniature.

E devo dire che siamo MOLTO soddisfatti dei risultati ottenuti fin'ora.

Questo mese abbiamo aggiunto 6 nuovi pezzi alla collezione, come ti sembrano?you see them?

Puoi vedere i render ad alta risoluzione nella sezione dedicata alle fazioni.

Giacomo "James" Neri

14 settembre 2018

Diventa un ambasciatore di Skytear... ricevi il prototipo a casa

Abbiamo ufficialmente iniziato la ricerca dei primi 250 ambasciatori di Skytear. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
Se diventi uno di loro, ricevi il prototipo di alta qualità per aiutarci a testare il gioco e portarlo al prossimo livello. Per ora non riusciamo logisticamente a gestire 2 lingue nel prototipo... per cui il programma è solo in inglese. Se non è un problema per te, puoi leggere di più e unirti a noi qui.

Giacomo "James" Neri

7 settembre 2018

Ecco gli eroi di Taulot: Custode del Mondo Sotterraneo

Abbiamo finalizzato i 6 eroi della terza fazione. Evviva! Ecco qui una introduzione a questa fazione... la mia preferita fino ad ora!

Sotto una superficie apparentemente calma e silenziosa, il Regno di Xotlan si dirama in un labirinto contorto di cunicoli sotterranei. Luce e gravità non seguono le normali leggi di Olan-Taa, ma sono assoggettate al potere di Skytear, di cui le isole sono sorprendentemente ricche.

Il potere magico dei devoti a Taulot, Custode del mondo sotterraneo, si tramanda attraverso la scrittura di tatuaggi intrisi di energia, che una volta incisi sul corpo rimangono anche dopo la morte, permettendo così di attingerne nuovamente l’essenza. Il rinnovamento continuo delle fonti magiche di generazione in generazione permette alle isole del Regno di conservare ingenti quantità di Skytear, necessarie a mantenere la vita nelle profonde gallerie.

Puoi scoprire le storie di questi eroi e vedere le loro illustrazioni nella sezione dedicata del sito.

Giacomo "James" Neri

24 agosto 2018

Skytear raccontato in un video

Qui puoi vedere un primo video che introduce Skytear!

Lo abbiamo fatto in casa, per cui la qualità è quella che è… ovviamente per il Kickstarter prenderemo dei professionisti… ma intanto questo è meglio che niente no?

Tra l’altro nel video puoi intravedere tanta nuova arte, inclusa i frame grafici delle carte e dei pad eroi, l’elementare di Skytear e un paesaggio con la fazione di Kurumo schierata al completo.

Come ti sembra?

(la versione italiana arriverà a breve)

Giacomo "James" Neri

10 agosto 2018

Gli eroi di Liothan: Signore del Silenzio

Nel mezzo dell'estate qual è la fazione migliore a cui potevamo lavorare per rinfrescarci?
Sicuramente quella di Liothan: Signore del Silenzio

Circondati da un silente paesaggio innevato, i seguaci di Liothan prosperano in questa landa inospitale grazie alla loro affinità con la natura e le sue forze volubili.

Ibridati in forme animali o potenziati da energie magiche, sono sicuri e determinati nella loro ricerca dello Skytear, unica risorsa che potrà riportare lo sfarzo e la vitalità perdute nel Regno di Grialth.

Liothan, loro creatore e patrono, accompagna questa nobile ricerca ad ogni passo, sicuro delle potenzialità e dell’inossidabile volontà d’animo dei suoi adoratori.

Puoi scoprire le storie di questi eroi nella nuovissima sezione del sito dedicata all'universo di Skytear. Come al solito sono frutto dell'inventiva di Riccardo detto "Parme".

E sì.. come al solito abbiamo nascosto il sesto eroe perché lo vogliamo rivelare solo a ridosso del Kickstarter... (risata satanica)

Giacomo "James" Neri

16 luglio 2018

Ecco gli eroi di Kurumo: Dio del Fuoco, del Metallo e della Guerra

Questo mese abbiamo finalizzato i 6 concept per gli eroi di Kurumo.

Ecco una breve introduzione a questa fazione, scritta dal PvP Geek: Riccardo detto 'Parme':

Il Regno di Kaeno, la Fiamma Eterna, è una distesa di cenere e rocce basaltiche circondata da fiumi di lava incandescente e vulcani in piena attività. I suoi abitanti hanno imparato a vivere in sintonia con le condizioni climatiche ostili, sfruttando le risorse a disposizione e costituendo una società fiera, orgogliosa e marziale.

Governato da uno Shogun millenario saggio e potente, alla sua morte il territorio del Reame si frammentò in piccole città stato rivali, custodi ciascuna di reliquie sacre impregnate di potere magico.

In tempo di guerra, tuttavia, ogni divisione viene messa da parte e i sudditi del Regno di Kaeno uniscono le loro forze per dominare i campi di battaglia sotto un unico stendardo, come nei gloriosi tempi che furono.

Devoti a Kurumo, dio del fuoco, del metallo e della guerra, i campioni del Regno di Kaeno sono conosciuti per il valore e il coraggio che dimostrano in battaglia.


Che dici? Fanno al caso tuo

Se hai fatto un giro nella sezione dedicata del sito avrai notato che il sesto eroe è nascosto... per quello devi portare pazienza perché lo riveleremo solo più avanti a ridosso del Kickstarter (mwuahua).

Per noi è fondamentale creare un universo originale, coerente, ma soprattutto avvincente... come stiamo andando su questo fronte? Facci sapere se hai qualche feedback, buoni e cattivi sono sempre benvenuti.

Giacomo "James" Neri

1 luglio 2018

Ciao mondo!

L'avventura di Skytear è cominciata circa 6 mesi fa, quando abbiamo creato PvP Geeks con la missione di creare il gioco da tavolo competitivo definitvo...

Da Gennaio fino ad oggi abbiamo giocato, lavorato e tramato nell'ombra... ma ora è arrivato il momento di iniziare una nuova avventura: quella di far conoscere Skytear a tutto il mondo :)

Così, per partire, abbiamo creato il sito di Skytear con queste 2 sezioni:

  • Una panoramica introduttiva che spiega perché ogni partita sarà unica e memorabile. Spoiler: perché tutti gli input di partenza cambiano: obiettivi, eroi, mazzo e perfino la mappa ogni tanto...
  • Un assaggio del gameplay: fatto attraverso il racconto di un turno tipo.

Come ti sembrano? Fammi sapere i tuoi feedback ( e se ti va iscriviti alla newsletter per ricevere degli aggiornamenti mensili su Skytear.

Alla prossima!

Giacomo "James" Neri

Ricevi un aggiornamento mensile

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