21 febbraio 2019

We are rebooting the Kickstarter campaign

We decided to reboot our Kickstarter campaign later this year (we are thinking about late May).

It was a really difficult call to cancel it because the campaign had a great start, being funded in less than 24 hours.

Our vision is to create a wide and passionate community of players all around the world, but we had far too many fans hyped for the game telling us they could not afford to pledge.

In order to meet the expectations of the community, we will rethink the production costs of the game to have a lower price point.

There are things that we can tweak without impacting the quality, and that can drastically reduce the upfront investment:

  • Having one color (grey) for the miniatures rather than five different ones can save us a lot of money with the molds.
  • Having a graphic design with black texts rather than white ones is another saving that doesn’t really impact gameplay or overall quality, but can help us reboot with a lower price point for you.
  • Reducing the miniatures scale from 45mm down to 38mm

In these months, we will also keep working closely with the most actives of you to implement the suggestions we got during the (short!) Kickstarter campaign, and improve all aspects of Skytear.

As we have done for the last six months, we will send a monthly newsletter to keep you updated as we go.

Feel free to email me at giacomo.neri@pvpgeeks.com with questions or comments!

Thanks for following us up to this point, we hope to play with you on Discord one of these days!
Giacomo, for all the PvP Geeks :)

Giacomo "James" Neri


Ricevi un aggiornamento mensile

Lo sapevi che puoi registrarti per ricevere a fine mese un doppio stipendio una email con:

  • Aggiornamenti sul gameplay insieme alla possibilità di ricevere il prototipo di Skytear a casa
  • Tutta la nuova arte, miniature e illustrazioni. Inclusi dei bei wallpaper scaricabili
  • L'inevitabile lotteria che faremo poco prima del Kickstarter con l'opportunità di vincere una copia di Gloomhaven e Blood Rage
  • Le nostre sofferenze (e traguardi!) nello sviluppare Skytear
  • Eventi a conventions a cui parteciperemo...

... e penso sia tutto!?

Gioca a Skytear

E aiutaci a migliorarlo :)

Registrati per ricevere...

    Dopo aver guardato un turno di gioco, con l'aiuto di un cheat sheet, sarai in grado di giocare.
  • PRINT & PLAY. La versione "da stampare" di Skytear con tutti e 24 gli eroi da 4 fazioni.
  • PROTOTIPO ONLINE. Abbiamo creato una versione gratuita online del gioco che puoi giocare con noi o con i tuoi amici.