19 novembre 2018

Recruit your friends and get Akimo as a demigod for free

Our goal is to reach 10'000 subscribers by February 1st, the time when we launch the Kickstarter campaign.

In order to help us get there, we designed a "Recruit a friend" program.

If you like to help us get there... here's how it works:

  1. Once you register for the program you get a special unique link
  2. Whenever someone clicks it and sign up on our website, you get 1 point (and one notification email to confirm this)
  3. With each point, you get an extra entry in our giveaway (there's Gloomhaven, Blood Rage, and Skytear as the first and only prize. Winner is drawn on January 31st).
  4. With 5 points you get the miniature and pad of Akimo as a demigod added for free to your Kickstarter pledge for Skytear

If this program picks up, we will add more free rewards for the most actives of you (basically all the Kickstarter extras like custom sleeves, neoprene mats etc.)

You also have your online dashboard where you can see how you are doing so far.

To view it, simply go to the program page: https://www.playskytear.com/re...

Then click on "Already signed-up? See your stats here" and input your email.

Then, you will see how many clicks and sign up came from your link.

Now, if you organize demo events at your store or association, this system with the unique link might be a bit cumbersome and awkward... we get it!

If that's the case, simply reply to this email and we can send you a paper form that you can print and use to collect feedback and emails of players who want to get the monthly newsletter.

Then, we will make sure these new emails will count as recruited friends for you.

Giacomo "James" Neri


Ricevi un aggiornamento mensile

Lo sapevi che puoi registrarti per ricevere a fine mese un doppio stipendio una email con:

  • Aggiornamenti sul gameplay insieme alla possibilità di ricevere il prototipo di Skytear a casa
  • Tutta la nuova arte, miniature e illustrazioni. Inclusi dei bei wallpaper scaricabili
  • L'inevitabile lotteria che faremo poco prima del Kickstarter con l'opportunità di vincere una copia di Gloomhaven e Blood Rage
  • Le nostre sofferenze (e traguardi!) nello sviluppare Skytear
  • Eventi a conventions a cui parteciperemo...

... e penso sia tutto!?

Gioca a Skytear

E aiutaci a migliorarlo :)

Registrati per ricevere...

    Dopo aver guardato un turno di gioco, con l'aiuto di un cheat sheet, sarai in grado di giocare.
  • PRINT & PLAY. La versione "da stampare" di Skytear con tutti e 24 gli eroi da 4 fazioni.
  • PROTOTIPO ONLINE. Abbiamo creato una versione gratuita online del gioco che puoi giocare con noi o con i tuoi amici.