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Magic meets LoL

(and they are having a baby called Skytear)

Skytear is a card-driven miniatures game inspired by MOBA video games.
It is also heavily influenced by Magic, as we have been playing it for more than two decades.
Here's a breakdown of what we took from Magic, and what we left behind...

⛔️ Bye bye impossible matchups

You don’t have to sit down and hope for your opponents to play the right deck so that you can have a chance to beat them

In Skytear, you will be able to dynamically build the deck at the start of each game.

  • At home, you build a set of 10 cards for each of the 6 heroes you are bringing to the table.
  • Then, when the game starts and win conditions are revealed, you can draft your 4 heroes
    (and react to the pick of your opponent)

⛔️ Forget mana screw (or mana flood)

You know those matches where you are 1 turn away from victory and then...

  1. You draw a LAND
  2. then a LAND
  3. another LAND
  4. and it's game over

Well, that's not going to happen in Skytear, because you earn mana with each hero every turn (similarly to Hearthstone)

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Action, Reaction!

Dodge attacks, chase down enemies and much more!

✅ The STACK is here, rejoice!

Are you addicted to fancy 2x1 tricks or awesome reaction play?

Skytear has a stack system implemented that allows you to outplay your opponent to:

  • Leap away while your enemy is casting a fireball
  • Blind the attacking hero before he hit you
  • ….and WAY more complicated, cinematic (and fun) situations

✅ The strategy from the board

The CARDS are still the first driver of the gameplay, but you play on a board with (pre-assembled) miniatures.

You control just 4 heroes each, that is enough to feel the interaction with the board and all the strategic options opened by the board (without giving you a headache after the first match).

As portable and agile as a card game

If you never played miniatures (or board) games before, do not fear about 2-hours long matches and dozens of pieces to set-up and move around!

We worked really hard to make everything as portable and agile as possible.

  • All you need to play fit in a suitcase like the one you see here
  • Set up and clean-up is done in 1-minute sharp
  • A match last 30-45 minutes

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