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Ruler of Knowledge

The desert archipelago of Utsesh dwells beyond the cloud blanket that overhangs the fragmented world of Olan Taa. Mainly composed of arid and lifeless sand wastelands, the Realm islands are dominated by sumptuous buildings with twisted and impressive architecture.

Devotees to Nupten - Ruler of Mind and Knowledge - master magic arts above other creatures, developing a complex society independent from natural resources, based on straight castes.

The only energy Utsesh people need is Skytear in its purest form, and the desperate search of new sources - led by sentient creatures’ innate greed - inevitably led them to challenge other Realms’ inhabitants to get the best supplies.


Fate Thunder

High priest and executioner of the Realm, he takes care of Last Rites and guarantees the right end to the lives of faulty, evil, and impious subjects. In case of lesser crimes that have not caused too much dishonor to Utsesh people, the guilty is challenged directly to a fight to the death. As Neshat’s sword skills are unmatched in the whole Realm, the fight is clearly unequal, but this way allows the judged a dim hope to redeem themselves and find a glorious death.


Sky Master

Setheru is one of the few still living heirs of the ancient people of Nuptians - the first sentient creatures in Olan Taa, now almost extinct, and treated with fear and respect by Utsesh citizens. His obsession with gaining absolute control of Skytear leads him to be a magic deep scholar and makes him a perfect strategist and coordinator for Olan Taa domination.


Radiant Voice

Also known as ‘Queen of the People,’ she prefers to manifest to the lower classes to bring Nupter’s will directly, rather than give orders hidden inside the upper caste’s luxurious rooms like other Utsesh officers. Showing her Nuptian roots proudly, she is acclaimed by humbler classes as a tangible essence bound to the divine world. Beautiful and terrible, often her mere presence is enough to dissipate every dissent and to subjugate the most rebellious souls.


Shadow Fader

A Nuptian heir of unknown origins, no one has traced his history. His deep knowledge of Skytear magic flux allows him to manipulate the fabric of reality, and alter time and space for a limited period of time. Exploiting his peculiar nature to act as an assassin and annihilate the hardest resistances who hinder the inevitable expansion of Utsesh, he often follows Nupten forces during the most delicate operations.


Wind Bringer

Among the Champions of Nupten, Ekhrit is the youngest and the most inexperienced, but no less prepared and skillful. She belongs to the noble caste of Architects and has directed many restorations and buildings of Utsesh palaces since she was a child. Her skill to summon winds and magic streams to move objects around her - a peculiar gift of her caste she learned to master - makes her a powerful resource during fights to get the best Skytear sources.


Starry Rose

Khenui is the guardian of Hesp’Aut prohibited rooms - the Utsesh First Palace where Nuptians and the other Realm highest officers dwell. Proving her valor during a bloody overthrow attempt, she climbed the inflexible social hierarchy and elevated herself from her original status of slave. A valiant warrior spirit enclosed inside a flower’s soft and sensual petals, Khenui only appears delicate, as the only thing anyone can see is her elegance.

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