Playtest Skytear

And help us take it to the next level :)

The Rulebook

You will find many images and examples that will help you get started playing Skytear.
It is still rough around the edges... but we improve it on a weekly basis.

See the rulebook here (.PDF)

Ready to play yourself?

Play online with us, or print and play with your friends!

Play online with Tabletop Simulator

We are using a software called Tabletop Simulator (the same you see in the gameplay video) that allows you to play online. This software costs $19.99 on Steam.

Once you downloaded Tabletop Simulator, you can download Skytear for free from here.

... or Print & Play offline :)

You prefer playing on a table with friends? We totally get it!
You will need to print and cut about 100 cards and some tokens.
It should take approx. 15-30 minutes overall.

Download the PDF files here.

Start here: Overview and Setup

Get the big picture overview, and understand the components and setup of the game.

Heroes Phase: watch it played

Follow us as we play one full heroes phase. Keep the rulebook on page 3 open as you watch.

Control Phase: watch it played

See how to play through the second phase of a Skytear turn: the control phase.

Get in touch with other Skytear players!

The Discord channel

If you want to play online, you can use our Discord server to talk with new friends while playing...

...Or just join the channel to meet other players and start a new game!

Join the server here.

The Facebook group

We have a group where you can share and discuss feedback with us and other players.

It's also useful to find other people to play Skytear online with (including us, of course :).

Join the group here.

Share your feedback

We need your help, ideas and feedback to improve Skytear and make it after day.

Here you can find a quick form to share your thoughts with us.