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A lightweight tabletop MOBA? You bet it!

Discover our approach to less clicking and more scheming...

Action? Reaction!

You can play your power cards anytime.
This gives you a realtime feeling and cinematic sequences like the ones you are used to when playing MOBA videogames:

  • Blink in a bush to avoid that spell
  • Push away the mage while he's casting
  • Or blind the assassin right before he hits.. but OH WAIT! He just became invisible and you couldn't target him in time... :(

Draft your heroes

With 24 heroes to choose from (and variable win conditions) each game will feel unique:

  • Pre-select 6 heroes to bring to the battle and assign 10 cards to each hero, to customize and surprise your opponent with unexpected combos
  • When it's time to play, draft your 4 heroes based on win conditions and your opponent heroes (avoid a team of only mages if he's picking assassins!)

Ganking for fun

How will you split the four heroes on the three lanes?
Be careful about:

  • Heroes switching lane at the last minute...
  • ... and entering your lane with explosive spells with area of effect
  • Losing one lane and letting the minions snowball against your nexus

Get monthly email updates about Skytear

We left out many MOBA elements

Because our goal was to make a lightweight 45 minutes game... not a bookkeeping experience :)

Some of the NO's we said...

  • No money or items to buy
  • No values to track in multiple places (just heroes HP all in one tracker)
  • No complicated tree skills to pick from. You have 3 unique powers and 1 ultimate for each hero.
  • No (clunky) cooldown or fog of war mechanics
  • No experience points (but you still have the feeling of leveling up across the 3-5 turns)

Minions are not a mental tax

After many iterations, we ended up with the right role for the minions:

  • You don't have to remember to move or attack with them... because the protagonists are the heroes
  • You can farm them to draw cards (experience)
  • If you ignore them for too long, they will start pushing the lane and snowball

Tabletop MOBA comparison

We will leave nuanced in-depth comparisons to professional reviewers, it's not our job after all.
So in this comparison, we just limit ourselves to easily measurable factors for the most popular MOBA like board games we found:

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