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Become a Skytear Ambassador

Help us grow the community and earn exclusive rewards

OP in Your Store

No player should ever stop playing because of a lack of tournaments and friends to play with.

That's why we want a thriving organized play scene in YOUR local friendly game store, and we created this ambassadors program.

Skytear ambassadors are players committing to help us grow the Skytear community, from the bottom-up.

Earn Credits

You will earn credits by performing and reporting tasks like:

  • Set-up a demo event in your local shop
  • Have your friendly store stock Skytear copies
  • Organize a local tournament or be the referee
  • Demo Skytear at conventions with us or friends
  • Create online contents like podcasts, guides, or videos

Get Free Miniatures

These hard-earned credits will allow you to get free exclusive promo's, miniatures, and accessories from our online store (we will only ask you to cover the shipping for it).

All the ambassadors will also be featured publicly in the Skytear app, to give you full credits for your contributions and make it easy for local players to connect with you.

Join the Playtest Group

As an ambassador, you’ll also access the playtest group, allowing you to see future heroes and cards months before they are released (this part is totally optional, in case you prefer surprises).

The most active ambassadors will also earn the right to directly influence the creation of new heroes and cards, working side by side with the PvP Geeks team.

Apply Now

Are you ready to become a Skytear ambassador?

Apply below and we will invite you to talk over Discord to move forward!

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