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Skytear Factions

Discover the four factions ruling over the world of Olan Taa

The War for Skytear

SKYTEAR IS THE ENERGY that permeates the universe. Exploited for centuries to create and develop civilizations, most of the territories of Olan Taa have been drained of Skytear. THE WORLD of Olan Taa is composed of myriad floating islands drifting around a core of pure Skytear energy. Sentient beings have created magic wells that drag Skytear fragments from nearby, like magnets.

Armies from the FOUR REALMS march towards the border islands to reinforce their boundaries and claim new energy sources.

This is an age of war.

Review on by gimlianon · May 2020 · Ontario · Canada

"The card play is a lot of fun and the heroes are all very distinct."


Amazing 1v1 card driven MOBA. Picked up in retail during COVID crisis and have been playing on TTS. The card play is a lot of fun and the heroes are all very distinct. The designers are also super active in the community and are incredible helpful and enthusiastic.



Kurumo Warriors

KURUMO is a lively God, passionate and caring about its followers’ needs. Most of its people’s creations, from the simplest agricultural tools to the finest and deadliest war-machine, are created under its guidance.

Heroes of Kurumo can submit their target to the God’s judgment and a burnt MARK appears on the target’s skin. Kurumo heroes are naturally attracted by marked enemies, like wolves by a bloodied prey.


Kurumo warriors mark their enemies to coordinate powerful attacks toward them.

Their heroes are mostly aggressive and their power cards help them even more lethal. Get ready to strike twice, burn enemy mana to prevent them from performing any evasive reaction, or even block their healing!

  • Playstyle: Aggressive
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Asymmetry: Mark



Liothan Shapeshifters

LIOTHAN bases its approach to creation on perfecting research and comparative study. Nothing is left uncontrolled; each aspect is calculated and studied, down to the smallest details. In the fragile natural balance of Olan Taa, efficiency must be kept at maximum to achieve goals and survive.

Heroes of Liothan SHAPESHIFT themselves into animals, exploiting natural features usually sentient beings lack, like wings, gills or claws. They use natural features like forests, cliffs and hollows like wild animals hunting their prey.


Liothan heroes transform themselves into wild animals at will and hunt in packs: the more they are, the stronger they become!

They are focused on sustain, self-healing, and spawning new minions to outnumber their enemies. Liothan power cards are perfect to draw multiple cards, predict, and prepare an answer for every situation.

  • Playstyle: Defensive
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Asymmetry: Shapeshifting



Taulot Followers

TAULOT is probably the darkest and most introverted God—for sure the most stubborn and grumpy. By following their Creator’s philosophy, Taulot’s worshippers are very reluctant to build relationships with other Realms and prefer to rely only to their forces.

Heroes of Taulot erects unstable PILLARS that can unleash huge amount of Skytear when crumbling, allowing them to generate spells and effects beyond limits.


Taulot warriors act like a collective hive mind: they place pillars all over the battlefield and use them from anywhere as catalysts for their powers.

Their power cards increase armor, skirmish damage, and strongly influence where their enemies are going to move (or not move!). They are also known for interacting with their past, making them unpredictable and - from time to time - insanely aggressive.

  • Playstyle: Mid-Range
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Asymmetry: Pillars



Nupten Illusionists

NUPTEN was the first God to teach its worshippers to channel and manipulate Skytear, creating a brand new race of superior beings that ruled above every other creature. Arrogant and conceited beyond imagination, it believes its skills are superior to all other Gods.

Heroes of Nupten summon ILLUSIONS to manipulate other people’s minds and feelings. Some of their most powerful magicians, though, are able to impose their mind over matter as well, somehow bending parts of reality to their will.


Nupten mages deceive their enemies summoning illusions of themselves... and use them to extender their powers over the battlefield.

They are unpredictable and threatening to play against, thanks to their power cards full of counterspells, misdirection, and the highest concentration of direct damage spells.

  • Playstyle: Mid-Range
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Asymmetry: Illusions

Explore the Universe

Two fully illustrated books explore the world of Olan Taa with all its heroes and notable places.

Heroes of the New Hope is the first volume of the Skytear Chronicles which tells the stories of the 12 heroes that are fighting for a better future.

Champions of Olan Taa is the second volume of the Skytear Chronicles and explores the stories of the 12 heroes fighting to maintain the current order.

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