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Faceless Whisperer


Nelaclen is the oldest Sentient being in Olan Taa - he witnessed the archaic ages that came before the Four Realms were formed, and rumors hold that he contemplated the gods’ faces and their master plans directly. He is able to manipulate the energy in its purest form, adept in enchantment, transmutation, telepathy, and illusion.

Read the full story of Nelaclen in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Archaic Mastery

In his madness, Nelaclen has glimpsed the faces of the Gods, and tasted Skytear without limits. No spell is beyond him.

Skill #2

The Heart Claims

If Nelaclen begs it to, something below consumes a nearby pillar, giving the madman a surge of energy in return.


Consulting The Heart

The Heart of Taulot deep beneath the earth offers glimpses of great power only Nelaclen can comprehend, giving him temporary omniscience and the ability to cast any spell.

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