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Organized Play

Our plan to make Skytear the definitive competitive miniatures game

One Company, One Game

At PvP Geeks, we will focus exclusively on Skytear without splitting resources on other lines. With a new release each quarter, we want to grow a solid base of fans that shares our vision of the ideal tabletop game.

To prepare for the global launch this February, we are investing heavily in software tools and tournament kits that will support players and retailers in creating the OP scene.

A Global Championship

Each year, the competitive season will feature Regional Qualifiers leading to a National and World Championships with exclusive miniatures as prizes.

Even normal tournament kits will be interesting though, with promo cards and plastic components awarded to each participant even just for taking part in the challenge.

Tower miniatures and hero chips from the tournament kits will replace the default Skytear cardboard tokens, while custom miniatures will be awarded to the winners as new skins for their heroes.

Dynamic Deckbuilder

The deck builder app will keep a fresh and varied meta throughout the years.

With a simple point based system tweaked after each quarterly release, we will nerf and buff heroes without having to re-print a single card (see the prototype of the app here).

In addition, this deck builder will enable easy deck sharing and integrate seamlessly with the Tournament Organizer app, another key tool for supporting the OP scene.

A Modern TO App

Tournament Organisers will benefit from a simple TO app that will collect validated decks from participants, form pairings, and report the final results influencing the global ranking ladder.

On top of that, a store locator and centralized events calendar will help retailers get visibility and grow a local community.

All the FAQ's Together

Are you tired of patching together FAQ’s from multiple PDF’s and websites?

We were with most competitive games we played, and we will avoid that with Skytear, as you will be able to browse FAQ by card, hero, topic, or even query them by keyword.

In addition, anyone will be able to write to the designers to ask for specific questions and clear edge cases, with the answers contributing to the common knowledge base (please note: a personalized answer is guaranteed only if the question is not answered elsewhere and well formed :).

Ready to Join?

Even the best plans and software on the planet won't make up for a community that's not there.

From launch date on Feb. 1st we will be running the pre-season, with a focus on running learn-to-play events and growing the community (see also the ambassadors program)

From Apr 1st (release of the Outsiders expansion) until December 12th (World Finals) we will run the first competitive season.

So... get ready to join the party!

If you're a player, group up with your friends and pre-order Skytear from your friendly local store. Plus, you can try Skytear online for free, and join the Discord and Facebook group.

If you're a retailer, pre-order Skytear from your distributor. And if none of your wholesalers are listing it, reach out to us directly at, as we have warehouses in Asia, North America and Europe, and may be able to help you. — © 2019 PvP Geeks Srl, Via Cesare Costa, 19 41123 Modena MO — VAT IT03802310361
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