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Skytear Organized Play

Learn how we are supporting the competitive scene

One Company for One Game

First and foremost: at PvP Geeks we will focus exclusively on Skytear without splitting resources on other game lines.

This focus allows us to support the organzed play scene in multiple ways:

  • Offer one steady release per quarter
  • Interesting Prizes
  • Store locator and events calendar
  • A deckbuilder app
  • Easy to browse FAQ's
  • A ranking ladder
  • All integrated with a Tournament Organizer app

Keep reading to learn more about each of these...

One Release Per Quarter

A steady and reliable release schedule, even during a pandemic, is crucial to keep a fresh meta game and an engaged community.

Here is the release schedule for 2020:

  • February: starter box plus 4 base expansions
  • April: Outsiders expansion
  • July: 1 expansion with 10 new cards and 1 new map
  • October: 2 expansion boxes with 2 new heroes and 12 new cards each
  • January: 2 expansion boxes with 2 new heroes and 12 new cards each

Bear in mind: we want to avoid power creep over time, new expansions are not mandatory to be competitive but just a mean to renew the meta game.

Interesting Prizes

Organized play kits are full of interesting prizes, even just for attending the event:

  • 3 translucent hero miniatures
  • 4 translucent minion miniatures
  • 16 textless power cards
  • 40 tower miniatures
  • 24 hero poker chips

Tower miniatures and hero chips from the tournament kits will replace the default Skytear cardboard tokens, while custom miniatures will be awarded to the winners as new skins for their heroes.

Store Locator and Events Calendar

The best game and tools are nothing without a network of stores behind it!

We offer a centralized events calendar and a list of all the stores stocking Skytear to help players connect locally.

Visit the store locator

Deckbuilder App

The deckbuilder app is a platform to help players share and discuss decks.

In addition, it integrates seamlessly with the Tournament Organizer app, another key tool for supporting the OP scene.

Visit the deckbuilder

All the FAQ's Together

Are you tired of patching together FAQ’s from multiple PDF’s and websites?

We were with most competitive games we played, and we will avoid that with Skytear, as you will be able to browse FAQ by card, hero, topic, or even query them by keyword.

In addition, anyone will be able to write to the designers to ask for specific questions and clear edge cases, with the answers contributing to the common knowledge base.

Browse FAQ's and Errata

A Modern TO App

Tournament Organisers benefit from a simple app that will collect validated decks from participants, form pairings, and report the final results influencing the global ranking ladder.

Are you interested in using it?

Email us at [email protected] to request your TO account.

Covid-19 Will Not Stop Us

We are writing new rules to run organized play activities even with play space closed in stores. Tournament organizers are encouraged run a month-long leagues with weekly pairings instead of same day tournaments.

This will allow players to meet and play anywhere they can and want. We are also offering 100% of the Skytear content online and for free, through Tabletop Simulator, in the worst case players cannot even meet safely in-person.

Just so you know, during this pandemic we have been running 100% online leagues with hundred players, so the digital platform is definitely appreciated and tested.

Hopefully this will allow us to keep growing the community and come back stronger than ever once the pandemic is definitely behind us.

Ready to start?

Get your copy of Skytear and join us!

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