14 September 2018

Become a Skytear ambassador... get the high-quality prototype

We officially started looking for our first 250 awesome ambassadors. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
If you become one, you basically get the high-quality prototype to help us playtest and bring Skytear to the next level. We are also planning some ambassador-only contents (like a promo card, to get started).
Bonus points if you can also help us translate it and/or help us spread the word by demoing it to your FLGS, local convention or association.

Read more and join us here.

Giacomo "James" Neri


7 September 2018

Meet the heroes of Taulot: Keeper of the Underworld

We finalised the 6 heroes of the third faction. Woohoo! Here's an introduction to this faction... my favorite so far!

Under an apparently calm and silent surface, the Realm of Xotlan spreads over myriad islands through a twisted maze of underground tunnels. Light and gravity don’t follow the rules of Olan-Taa, but are subjugated to the Skytear energies that the Xotlan islands are surprisingly rich of.

The magic power used by the devotees of Taulot, Keeper of the Underworld, is handed down through tattoos drenched with magic. Once carved on the body, their essence remains even after death and can be drawn once again. This steady renewal of magic sources allows Xotlan islands to sustain the high amounts of Skytear energy needed to maintain life inside the deep galleries.

As usual, the sixth hero is kept hidden until a date to be decided... bear with us!

You can see all these heroes and discover their background in the lore section.

Giacomo "James" Neri


31 August 2018

Our world domination quest: the hard numbers

We have 116 subscribers in our newsletter. Just a bit over half the target of 200 I set for this month.

I'm finding out that many people don't want to receive another newsletter (not you or me, apparently!)

I see they are super excited about Skytear on socials but don't end up signing up on the website. I guess it's natural.

Oh and yes, this month we debuted on Instagram, Facebook, and even Tumblr!

Anyway, I'm not giving up so easily. After all, we just got started with the communication less than a month ago!

By the end of September, I aim at 500 subscribers:

  • We will start investing consistently on Facebook advertising
  • Keep participating in online communities and Facebook / Reddit groups
  • Keep reaching out to bloggers and podcasts (I've spoken on 2 podcasts)
  • Keep entering board game design competitions (we entered 2 this month)

And if you want to help me a little bit and spread the word, I would be grateful :)
(because it's gonna be really tough to get to 500 subscribers / level 3)

Giacomo "James" Neri


24 August 2018

Skytear explained in a video

We have a first video explaining what Skytear is.

We made it ourselves in-house, so the quality is not really top notch. For the Kickstarter video we will definitely hire professionals... but since then, this is better than nothing, right?

By the way, in the video you can see a lot of new art we produced this month: the graphic design for cards/hero pads, the elemental of Skytear and a landscape with the heroes of Kurumo ready to fight.

How does it look to you?

Do you have any feedback on the contents and structure of it?

Giacomo "James" Neri


10 August 2018

The heroes of Liothan: God of ice and life

In the middle of the Summer, what is the best faction to be working on?
Obviously the one of Liothan, Lord of Silence. ❄️

Surrounded by a silent snow-covered land, Liothan’s followers flourish in this inhospitable territory because of their affinity with nature and its changing forces.

Hybridized with animals or empowered by magic energies, they are steady and resolute in their search of the Skytear, the only source which can bring the lost splendour and vitality back to the Realm of Grialth, the Silent Life.

Their creator and patron Liothan follows this noble research step by step, certain about its worshippers potential and indestructible force of will.

Discover the background stories of each hero in the brand new lore section of the website! As usual a big thank you to Riccardo "Parme" for imagining and writing the stories from the Skytear universe.

Giacomo "James" Neri


31 July 2018

World domination quest: July update

Here we are: you're reading the first monthly update to our quest to world domination.... muahahaha!

In these updates, I'm going to shares my struggles as I try to get the word out about the game. So it's likely that only other game designers will find this interesting.

Still here reading? Good!

So... if our company, PvP Geeks, was a hero, it would definitely be a level 1 newbie.
And to continue the completely made-up analogy... my goal is to reach level 10 by the time we launch on Kickstarter in about 6 months.
In my fantasy to reach level 9 I will need to find 10'000 people interested in hearing more about Skytear.

That's only like... 9971 to go...

Why 10'000 you ask? And why level 9?
That is a totally arbitrary figure... but to me, it feels like a good balance between ambition and the #harsh-reality (in a parallel life I'm into web design and online marketing so these figures are not completely made up)

Since the idea of finding 9971 people interested in Skytear "at once" is a little bit daunting... let's have a proper level progression.. shall we? :)

  1. 0
  2. 200
  3. 500
  4. 1'000
  5. 2'000
  6. 3'500
  7. 4'500
  8. 7'000
  9. 10'000

I already feel better, phew!

My goal now is to reach level 2 (200 people) as soon as possible and no later than August 31.

How I'm going to do that?

  • I'll start being more active and visible in game design communities (Reddit and Facebook groups) by helping other people out and also sharing struggles/progress/requests for feedback
  • I'll bring Skytear to Facebook and start experimenting with Facebook ads a little bit
  • (if there's time) I'll start the "Skytear ambassadors" program and reach out to (mostly Italian) gaming clubs to hear if anyone is interested in trying the prototype with friends

Now excuse me, but I have to get started :)

Giacomo "James" Neri


16 July 2018

Meet the 6 Kurumo's Heroes

This month we finalised the 6 concepts for the Kurumo's heroes: the faction known for its brutality (and for the artifacts that they spread all around the Skytear universe)

We also sculpted our very first miniature: big achievement unlocked!

Obviously we immediately created a new section on our website with all the illustrations and short biographies (thanks to Riccardo Parmeggiani, the author from PvP Geek that is in charge of creating the Skytear universe).

Now, you might notice that the sixth heroe is hidden... for that you will have to wait until the Kickstarter, I'm sorry! (mwuahua).

For us it's KEY to create an original, coherent and exciting universe... how did we start? Let us know: good or bad feedback are always welcome

Giacomo "James" Neri


1 July 2018

Hello World! Skytear is online :)

Our adventure with Skytear started about 6 months ago when we created PvP Geeks and set ourselves to create the definitive competitive tabletop game...

Since we started last January we have been playing, working and scheming in the shadows... but now, now it's time start a new adventure: let the world knows about Skytear.

We inaugurated it with 2 sections:

  • An overview that shows why each game will be unique and memorable. Spoiler: it's because many key aspects change: goals, heroes, deck, and even the board itself sometimes
  • A taste of how the gameplay works: that's given through the storytelling of a game turn.

How do they look to you? Let me know (giacomo.neri@pvpgeeks.com) and if you like, subscribe to the newsletter to receive monthly updates.

Until next time!

Giacomo "James" Neri


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