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Skytear Scenarios

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That Which Was Lost

THE RUMOUR HAS SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE. Your general heard it from a lieutenant, who heard it from her close friend, who heard it from her mother. Or was it her lover’s mother?

Either way, They say that there is a wandering border island, on the edge of the Kaeno archipelago, that holds an ancient treasure and a vicious monster.

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Last Stand

UNDERPREPARED, UNDERPOWERED, OUTNUMBERED. Some members of your already meagre army have retreated, defending the shard as you take it to be researched.

The last few seek to prevent the enemy heroes from reactivating your nexus, buying as much time as possible for the convoy bearing the shard.

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We are collecting hundreds of battle reports from players all over the world.

Over time, we are using the statistics to balance the meta game of future expansions but also influence the political world, and geography, of Olan Taa.

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