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Learn to Play

5-Minute Tutorial

This is a 5 minutes video explaining the most important gameplay rules.

If you want a deeper and complete overview of the rules, check the gameplay videos here.

🇫🇷 Français: Full game in French
🇩🇪 Deutsch: How-to-play in German
🇩🇪 Deutsch: Full game in German
🇮🇹 Italiano: Guarda una partita completa
🇮🇹 Italiano: Guarda un video tutorial

Watch quick start video

Learn as You Play

This tutorial will teach you the basic rules of Skytear as you play one fully scripted turn. You will then be able to continue playing by your own.

Once you’ve gone through this guide, the last page will help you learn the rules we left out or tweaked in order to give you a quicker start.

Click here for the GERMAN version.

Download the tutorial

Worship Action

Being the most tricky rule of Skytear, we have made this video tutorial to explain in detail the Worship Action and its interactions for the 8 Heroes included in the Skytear Starter Box.

We suggest playing the first few games with the simplified mode and without the worship action.

Watch worship video

FAQ Answered

If we had to pick the 3 top FAQ (or misunderstood rules) these would be it:

1. Cards effects last until the end of the current hero activation.

2. The Outsider must be placed with 1 hex inside and 1 hex outside of the Dome.

3. You can use at most 1 Lead card per team per control token.

There are dozens more FAQ that we have answered over time. You can browse by "zooming" into any card in the card library, or just search them from the overall FAQ page

See all the FAQ

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