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High Scarifier


Tlakali is the High Priestess of the Carver caste, keepers of the ritual practice of Scarification. Relying on mixing sacred blood with Skytear to make tattoos, this rite is so painful and difficult to execute that it is prohibited to the people outside the caste, yet Tlakali's aptitude for the process allows her to amplify the strength of warriors of Taulot. Often she follows these now-infused heroes into battle, giving them power and harvesting the infused blood spilt during the conflict.

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Skill #1

Protective Rite

A few drops of her sacred blood is the only cost Tlakali must pay to gift her test subjects with vitality to shrug aside wounds.

Skill #2

Lifeforce Infusion

The skytear sealed within pilars can be used in one of Tlakali's rites, healing those near it.


The Thousandth Ritual

The Thousandth ritual is notable for its flexibility and great effect, simulataneously empowering allies and weakening foes, and Tlakali is famed for her mastery of it.

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