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Voice of the Deeps


At home in the deep ocean, Astryda scoured every corner of the dark seas for unknown treasures and forbidden knowledge. Her study of these arcane sources let her orchestrate a series of power games that concluded with her becoming Freyhel’s apprentice. Astryda is a master of seduction and control; by exploiting her dark powers she can reach into and dominate the most inner spaces of the mind, reducing her most dreadful enemies to simple puppets.

Read the full story of Astryda in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Song of Liothan

The siren weaves an enchantment with her song, freezing the weapons of her allies, so that they chill foes with a touch.

Skill #2

Song of the Depths

In the darkness of the sea, Astryda learned necromancy: at the cost of her blood, she may turn corpses to allies.


Song of the Siren

The Siren's Song is so captivating that the intended listener is rendered immobile, completely unable to act for a short time.

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