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Enduring Queen


Liothan's favourite creation, Freyhel acts as the God's herald and mediator throughout the Realm of Grialth - solving disputes, rewarding devotees, and punishing traitors in his will. She has the power to create life or make it wither, ensuring she has total control over other living creatures and placing her constantly in the center of her Lord’s sight.

Read the full story of Freyhel in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Queen of Life

Queen of all Grialth, Freyhel has the power to grant life to the worthy.

Skill #2

Mistress of Withering

In times of need, Freyhel's powers can be transformed; life that would otherwise be granted can be taken away to devastating effect.


Glacial Rebirth

The Queen of Grialth blesses all of her followers with gifts of life, which she may drain from her foes.

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