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Shadow Reaper


Nupten’s followers have no depths to which they will not stoop. Hearing whispers of Akimo’s growing power, the assassin Shafathi kidnapped his lover, a lieutenant called Yami. Alone and forgotten in the dusty bowels of one of the palaces of Utsesh, Yami learned to control Skytear energy in her dreams to conjure a deadly projection of herself. Thus, Yami’s spirit ever approaches where Yami’s body is trapped, freedom in her mind, and the dead in her wake.

Skill #1

Deathly Touch

Yami inspires such fear that lesser soldiers flee at her passing.

Skill #2

Shadow of the Reaper

Yami's marks condemn her opponents, and she is upon them in a moment, the initial terror she inflicts followed by her scythe.


Kneel Before Me

At a second's notice, Yami may drag an unexpecting foe toward her, leaving them vulnerable to her vicious follow-up attack.

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