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Flaming Harbinger


Nupten’s followers have no depths to which they will not stoop. Hearing of Kaeno's growing power, the servants of Setheru kidnapped one of their fledgling heroes, a lieutenant called Yami. Imprisoning her in the depths of an Utseshi pyramid, she became a hostage. As her body began to waste, she became more desperate, eventually learning to control Skytear energy in her dreams to conjure a deadly projection of herself in the manner of her captors. Thus, Yami’s spirit ever approaches where herbody is trapped, freedom in her mind, and the dead in her wake.

Read the full story of Yami in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Deathly Touch

Yami inspires such fear that lesser soldiers flee at her passing.

Skill #2

Shadow of the Reaper

Yami's marks condemn her opponents, and she is upon them in a moment, the initial terror she inflicts followed by her scythe.


Kneel Before Me

At a second's notice, Yami may drag an unexpecting foe toward her, leaving them vulnerable to her vicious follow-up attack.

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