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Lava Tamer


Sakoshi, a thief and treasure hunter, came, almost by chance, into possession of an enchanted pouch that allows him to create magical shuriken, wrought of fire and lava. But everything comes with a price; Kurumo, the true owner of the relics demanded the thief join his ranks, and even Sakoshi would never refuse a God.

Read the full story of Sakoshi in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Eagle Eye

Sakoshi's childhood has taught him to keep an eye out for the slightest movement, a skill now exploited on the battlefield.

Skill #2

Explosive Shuriken

The lava pouch forms burning shuriken at will; it is simple for them to revert into deadly flame to burn multiple foes.


Shuriken Storm

Sakoshi's bag produces unlimited shuriken; if he imbues himself with enough energy he can unleash a deadly barrage able to reduce armies to shreds.

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