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Swift Fang


Captured as a child by the rogue Lord Saogoth of Grialth, Shyllavi struggled to survive in a prison, becoming almost feral. She steadily lost her humanity, becoming ever more a member of the pack, yet no-one could claim to possess a superior knowledge of territories, and none can match her sheer savagery in battle. Able to channel Skytear energies to improve her fighting skills, she is a powerful ally and a terrifying foe.

Read the full story of Shyllavi in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1


Shyllavi will no longer allow her pack to be hurt and any attempt is met by fang and claw.

Skill #2

Feline Pounce

That Shyllavi's might is matched only by her speed means she can dispose of many foes with the same ease as one.


Dance Of The Predator

Shyllavi is untameable and can act at superhuman speeds; she can dodge a blow and claw apart a rival before anyone can react.

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