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Wild Sovereign


The skalds sing of the legendary chief Gulbjarn, who made a dire choice long ago. After the kidnapping of his beloved daughter, he renounced Liothan, accusing the God of deserting him. Liothan stripped him of his crown, exiled him from his people and condemned him to wander alone through the wild lands of Grialth. Alone and half-mad, Gulbjarn is descending into a ferality that he cannot control. Desperate to put an end to his curse before he loses his humanity, Gulbjarn now serves Liothan, hoping that in bloodshed he can be redeemed.

Read the full story of Gulbjarn in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Feral Majesty

Gulbjarn was the king of the wilds, made only mightier by his tribe around him.

Skill #2

Ursine Rage

When Gulbjarn attacks, his totem The Bear attacks alongside him, increasing his reach.


Feral Vitality

The Bear will not allow its champion to fall in battle, and it provides restoration and might to Gulbjarn, returning him to full health in his times of need.

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