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Long Form Videos

Stephen and Zach from Team Covenant are playing Skytear regularly and have dozens of recorded video matches.

These are long form streams lasting many hours each... but if you have the time it feels like being there at their table, and it's very entertaining :)

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Shorter Videos

Justin, from the Battlecast YouTube channel, produces both battle reports and short videos to introduce you to the game or even deckbuild with one of the authors.

Battlecast Skytear Videos

Audio Podcasts

Outsiders Only is a weekly podcast that frequently interview other players and sometime even us creators as well.

Skycast has fortnightly episodes and is hosted by two players sharing their journey into Skytear. Follow along!

Lead from the Deck produces in-depth analysis for each faction and is a great podcast to get up to speed and familiar with all the cards and heroes.

🇩🇪 Zaraghuls Skytear Podcast is in German and is a mix of all the above: both guides and more day-to-day content.

Painting Tutorials

Here are some video tutorials to help you paint:

Watch It Paint It publishes guides to help you paint individual models like Gulbjarn or the minions of Taulot.

Mini Fights! has painting tutorials covering all the models from the starter box.

And if you are starting from zero, Team Covenant has an episode to get you started into this hobby.

Non-English Content

Not a native English speaker? We've got you covered with these creators!

🇩🇪 Brettspiel Hero Videos
🇩🇪 Zaraghul Podcast
🇩🇪 Hunter & Chron

🇨🇿 Deskofobie

🇫🇷 Pierre Oh
🇫🇷 Krodams Ludik
🇫🇷 Philibert

🇮🇹 Stiecraft

🇧🇷 Skytear Gameplay completo

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