Magic meets League | Skytear

Magic meets League

With Skytear we are bringing together two games we love (leaving behind the bad parts)

Draft your Heroes

Skytear is a strategy card game inspired by MOBA video games

Draft your champions from a pool of 24 heroes, build your deck, and rally the minions to destroy the enemy Nexus.

It takes just about 45 minutes to play a match but there is enough depth to keep you playing for years.

You can play online for free, or in-person with cards and pre-assembled miniatures...

Dynamic Deckbuilding

Forget everything you know about building decks (and netdecking!).

In Skytear, you build a deck of 8 cards for each hero that you are going to draft from. This way you are essentially customizing the champions according to your taste and strategy.

At the start of each match, once the objectives are revealed, you will draft 4 heroes and shuffle together their cards to form the final deck you will play with.

This system is a radical evolution of the MtG sideboard, a huge game changer adding depth and diversity to each match.

Action. Reaction. Stack.

How would it be to play MtG with heroes casting the spells on a MOBA-like battlefield?

That’s exactly how Skytear works! Power cards can be played at instant speed and “stack” like they do in Magic, with the last card played happening first.

This makes for hilarious, always different, and really deep interactions between the heroes fighting on the map. It gives you the same feeling of dodging a skillshot in a MOBA (minus all the stressful clicking).

What we left out...

We left out many things from these two games we drew inspiration from.

For instance, you do not have to worry about mana screw / flood because mana increases each turn. This guarantees a sense of progression up until turn 3 when your heroes can finally play their ultimates!.

And there are no booster packs with countless junk filler cards, and you will be amazed to see how many meaningful options you already have with the current set of 96 cards (with more coming each quarter).

Community First

Oh yes… we also left out the toxic community you’d expect from a MOBA.

Join us on Discord
to see how friendly (and chilled! :) we are. You can even interact with the creators directly, it cannot get more indie than this.

Skytear is designed with organized play in mind from day zero, with interesting tournament prizes. We also have an online league running with almost 100 players participating... while we wait for stores to re-open play spaces after the COVID19.

Are you ready to join us?

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Is it really free?

Yes, we shared 100% of Skytear for free online, no strings attached!

We designed Skytear to be played in-person around a table, with cards and miniatures you can touch.

We think the offline version is even better, and we are confident that sharing the full online version for free would not hurt sales but quite the opposite... as it's helping us build a global community.

With this said, if you are sold already, and prefer to play in-person, you can browse our shop from the button below. Otherwise, just sign up above and we'll send you emails to evaluate Skytear and get started playing it!

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