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Updated & Advanced Rules

Skytear Rules

Download the Skytear rulebook in your preferred language: English, Italian, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, or Spanish.

This is the base rulebook that covers all the rules to play a Skytear game with the Two-lane and Three-lane battlefields.

The game and all of its components are FULLY TRANSLATED into 7 languages.

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Living Rulebook

This short rules sheet is a summary of the rulebook changes up do date, including the banned cards.

Every 6 months, after the analysis of the current meta statistics and evaluating carefully the feedback from players, the rules of Skytear are slightly updated to innovate the game, change the meta and open new possibilities for everyone!

Click here for the GERMAN version.

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Game Modes & Deckbuilding

Skytear has two battlefields that can be played in many different ways. Here you can see a detailed setup for each of these battlefields for both 1vs1 and multiplayer modes.

A detailed guide of all the most common draft and deckbuilding methods will be available soon...stay tuned!

Game Modes

The stack

The stack is surely the most advanced rule of Skytear. It brings a TON of depth to the game but it might be not that straightforward to grasp...mostly if you do not have a Magic background.

This in-depth guide covers all the commons interactions in detail and gives you a fair amount of examples to learn from.

Stack Guide

Organized Play

Official Skytear tournaments and leagues must be compliant with the following guidelines.

Regardless of the mode, battlefield, or type of event...we have written some guidelines which regulate the organized play to make it fair, fun, and competitive.

The last word, however, is always the responsibility of the tournament organizer who can make slight changes to accommodate players' needs.

Clicca qui per le regole in ITALIANO.

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