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Radiant Voice


Also known as ‘Queen of the New People,’ Akhuti prefers to manifest to the lower classes to bring Nupten’s will to them directly, rather than give orders hidden inside the upper caste’s luxurious rooms like other officers of Utsesh. Showing her roots proudly, she is acclaimed by humbler classes as a tangible essence bound to the divine world. Beautiful and terrible, often her mere presence is enough to terrify every enemy and give new hope to her people.

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Skill #1


For Akhuti, standing against Nupten is a sin, and she is quick to punish would-be meddlers in his plans.

Skill #2

Resonant Light

Akhuti's illusion shines with divine light, so bright that her rivals can only attempt to attack with accuracy.


Word Of Nupten

Beloved by all, Akhuti will not let harm befall her adorers, so she heals them and breaks the blades of their challengers with a single word.

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