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Storm Tamer


The last born of the Nuptians, an ancient race now near extinct, Ekhrit has been caught in a political struggle most of her life. Setheru, and the rest of the elite, see her as destined to rule over a new world governed by her people alone, while she believes that a harmony can be found across the realms. Still little more than a child and yet the wielder of immense magical might, Ekhrit fights that her message might be heard.

Read the full story of Ekhrit in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Wind Barrier

Ekhrit's attacks manifest as great walls of wind, knocking back any who stand before them.

Skill #2

Lady of Gales

Secured by her magic, by wind, and by sheer force of will, no force can make Ekhrit loose her footing.


Eye Of The Storm

The hurricane is here and Ekhrit is the one to guide it. She will cast aside any who threaten her and her dreams.

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