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Sky Master


Setheru is one of the few surviving Nuptians - the first sentient creatures of Olan-Taa, now almost extinct, treated with fear and respect by Utsesh citizens. His obsession with gaining absolute control of Skytear leads him to become a savant of magic and the perfect strategist and coordinator for his domination of Olan-Taa.

Read the full story of Setheru in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Master of Illusions

Setheru's illusion amplifies his own mental might, enhancing the power of his incantations.

Skill #2

Lord of Skytear

For Setheru and others of his kin, his illusion acts a conduit, letting their spells reach futher than otherwise would ever be possible.


Last Judgment

A thunderclap; Setheru extends his arms and lightening strikes where he wishes, condemning enemies across the battlefield to death.

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