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Fallen Son


Born into the monarchy, Zacoal was forced into a ritual to make him the new ruler. During this, he failed to channel his ancestors' energy absorption, leaving him cursed and condemned to exile, suffering his people's disdain. The blessed blood he was anointed with during the ceremony did not dissipate, but remained inside his body, deforming it and giving him superhuman powers. Cotlic, the only one in the Realm who was not scared of nor scorned Zacoal’s doomed nature, calls upon him as a mighty weapon in times of war.

Read the full story of Zacoal in the Skytear Chronicles, a 64-page fully illustrated hardcover book.
Skill #1

Massive Blow

With great size comes great might; no foe can stand before Zacoal's strikes for long.

Skill #2


Pillars collapse at Zacoal's whim, burying foes in debris.


Totemic Slam

Zacoal's brute strength means that rival warriors are reduced to playthings in his grip, before he launches them into the distance.

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Taulot Expansion

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